EVA Infinity is now greenlit on Steam! Thanks to everyone who voted.


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Adrift in space. No ship, no jetpack. Only minutes of air remain. Tether to space debris to navigate. Use momentum to maneuver objects. Controlling direction requires carefully timed attach and release. Your only means of thrust: throw one of your few tools or release precious air.

“I like the mechanic. Very nice and puzzly… Tether rogue asteroids to propel you around space in this unique action puzzle game!” Jamie randomizeuser.com

EVA Infinity is all about using the available momentum to maneuver through and manipulate your environment.  Your primary means  of navigation is a tether. The mechanic is unique and challenging. requiring puzzle solving and quick reflexes to survive and advance.

The game is currently in beta status. At this time I am reaching out to beta testers for a closed beta test and polishing the game. Please contact me if you are interested a beta test.

Release Date: TBD
Target platforms: Tablets and Phones, Windows, Windows Store, OS X, Steam, iOS


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