Mesh Baker LOD



Make your open world fly!  It’s like static batching and LOD combined!

In test scenes drawcalls are reduced by 95%. Rendered vertices reduced by 60%.

A replacement for Unity’s LOD. Mesh Baker LODs are baked into combined meshes at runtime, dramatically reducing drawcalls. Provides an easy, flexible way to optimize huge scenes or scenes with procedural content at runtime.

  • Works with Unity free
  • No scripting required
  • All baking happens at runtime
  • Easily bake many skinned meshes into mobs that take one drawcall to render
  • Fine grained control over how many meshes are allowed in each level of detail.

There are some major shortcomings to the Static Batching and LOD included with Unity Pro:

  • It is not available in Unity Free
  • Static Batching bakes combined meshes at build time
    • The memory footprint for the combined meshes can be prohibitively large
    • If static content is created at runtime it can’t be included in the combined mesh.
    • Builds can become too large for mobile platforms
  • Dynamic Batching bakes every frame

Mesh Baker LOD overcomes these problems by only baking what is necessary at the time.


Mesh Baker LOD Videos:


Tutorial Part 1

Tutorial Part 2

Tutorial Part 3

Tutorial Part 4

Mesh Baker LOD was created by Ian Deane. Other assets by Ian Deane include:

Mesh Baker LOD is available in the asset store

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      1. Many thanks. Last thing: have you considered a feature to allow LOD without baking the mesh? For instance, a single mesh in a scene that has LOD models, but it’s the only mesh of its kind.

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