Mesh Baker Tutorial Videos

Mesh Baker Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1 Combining Meshes With The Mesh Baker Component

1:20 Combine Meshes That Use The Same Material 3:15 Saving Combined Meshes As A Prefab 5:30 Combine MeshRenerers Into A Skinned Mesh

Tutorial 2 Combining Textures Into Atlases

0:00 Atlases Explained 1:30 Creating An Atlas With The TextureBaker Component 6:00 Texture Baker Options 11:35 Recommended Treatment Feature 12:40 Reusing Atlases With Other TextureBakers And MeshBakers 16:20 Limitations Of Atlases

Tutorial 3 Tools For Efficiently Adding Objects To Bakers

0:34 Accessing Tools For Adding Objects & Creating Bakers 0:55 Searching & Filtering Objects To Add 3:30 Analyse Scene & Generate Bakers  

Tutorial 4 Preparing Objects For Static And Dynamic Batching Using Batch Prefab Baker

1:50 Using The Batch Prefab Baker  

Tutorial 5 Baking Tiling Materials

1:00 Scene Setup And Problems With Default Bake 5:00 Recommended Treatment Feature 6:00 Problems With Atlases & Tiling Explained 7:55 Possible Solutions For Tiling Textures 8:40 Solution 1 Baking Tiling 11:41 Solution 2 Combine Like With Like 17:53 Solution 3 Bake Tiling Materials To Their Own Submeshes

Tutorial 6 Combining Skinned Meshes And Saving As A Prefab

1:00 Combining Several Skinned Meshes Together 3:30 Limitations of Combining Skinned Meshes 4:50 Issues With SkinnedMeshRenderer Bounds 6:20 Setting Bounds Using Provided Scripts 7:30 Setting Bounds By Hardcoding Bounds 8:00 Issues With Animation Culling 9:10 Fixing Animation Culling By Using Always Animate 9:40 Fixing Animation Culling By Moving Skinned Mesh Renderer in Hierarchy 10:10 Creating A Prefab From A Combined Skinned Mesh

Tutorial 7 Combining Mesh Renderer Objects Into A Skinned Mesh

1:00 Combining Several MeshRenderer Meshes Together 3:15 Issues With SkinnedMeshRenderer Bounds 6:15 Fixing SkinnedMeshRenderer Bounds By Hardcoding Bounds 7:10 Fixing SkinnedMeshRenderer Bounds By Using Provided Scripts

Tutorial 8 Creating Customizable Skinned Mesh Characters

0:00 Introduction 1:00 Modeling: Workflow 6:00 Modeling: Creating The Seam Mesh 9:13 Unity: Using The Bone Weight Copier 16:30 Unity: Baking The Body Parts Together 21:15 Unity: Setup To Switch Outfits At Runtime

Demonstration Using Clustering Features To Group Many Meshes Efficiently

Combining Submeshes With Multiple Materials And Out Of Bounds UVs

Legacy Videos These Are Old Videos From Previous Versions Of Mesh Baker

Output Options Part 1 Bake Into Scene Object and Bake Into Prefab
Output Options Part 2 Bake Mesh Assets In Place (for static and dynamic batching)
Combining Skinned Meshes
Combining Meshes Meshes With Multiple Materials (Submeshes)
Using Mesh Baker To Bake Thousands of Objects In a Very Large Scene
Quickly Preparing Prefabs That Share Materials Using The Prefab Baker

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