Big Mesh Baker Update In The Asset Store


Mesh Baker has two cool new abilities that improve its atlas building capabilities:

  • When a source texture is copied to a target atlas only the part that is used by the source mesh gets copied. This is great if the source mesh already uses an atlas. It is not efficient to be copying atlas into atlases. Note that this only works if “Consider Mesh UVs” is checked.
  • Often when combining buildings the same tiled texture will be used with different tiling options on different source meshes. Mesh Baker can now detect this and map these meshes to a single shared tiled block in the atlas.

Aside from these changes there are a few aesthetic changes.

  • “Fix out of bounds UVs” has been changed to  “Consider Mesh UVs” to reflect the fact that it does not deal only with out of bounds UVs.
  • The multiple materials section now has candy striping in the inspector to improve readability.