EVA Infinity Devblog # 1


The summer is over, autumn has arrived, and it is time to get back to work. The summer was busier than expected.

Mesh Baker was included in a two-week madness sale on the Unity Asset Store. This was a fabulous opportunity, but one that has kept me busy for a month responding to support and feature requests.

EVA Infinity has been Greenlit!


This is huge news for me since this will be my first game on Steam. I have been working on EVA Infinity for two years so getting the thumbs up from the Steam community feels amazing! With the recent Mesh Baker sale I have been slow to  respond, but I have finally succeeded in clearing away the mountain of work so I can focus on game development again.

I spent the last few days polishing the prediction path.


The old prediction line would explode wildly if it came too close to gravity source and did not have a high enough resolution. Both of these problems have been fixed.

I also upgraded the Bullet Physics library to be up to date with my latest version in github.

My goal for the next few weeks is to get EVA Infinity out to some closed beta testers.