EVA Infinity Will Be Released On Windows Store Soon


It is an exciting time for me. I have spent December and January getting EVA Infinity ready for release.  Nine new levels have been added. Other levels have been adjusted for difficulty. It has been tested endlessly on tablets and PCs. Settings have been added for adjusting difficulty. In a few days it will go live on the Windows Store.

I am very nervous. EVA Infinity uses a novel mechanic of tethering to objects to navigate and manipulate the environment. What will others think of it?

Mesh Baker Update And Sale!


I have submitted a significant Mesh Baker update to the Unity Asset Store. Changes include:

  • Added UV3 and UV4 channels for Unity 5
  • Added a new script Bone Weight Copier for creating skinned mesh parts that can be mixed and matched
  • Improved the TextureBakerFast option
  • Improved baking meshes without baking textures first.

Mesh Baker will be on sale 30% off in the Unity Asset Store Monday November 30th!

Bullet Physics In Unity3D!


This is something I have been tinkering with for a long time and finally made it work! I owe a huge thanks to Andres Tracks for his BulletSharp PInvoke project on Github. He is the one who has done the majority of the work building the necessary wrappers. It was still tricky getting it working in Unity though. I will try to post some how to documentation soon explaining how to do it.


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