Ramp Brush

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A sculpting tool for creating slopes and ramps on terrains!

Ramp Brush lets you create smooth slopes and ramps on your Unity3D terrain objects.  This tool is great for the following:

  • roads
  • paths
  • causeways
  • valley bottoms
  • ramps between platforms
  • sloping meadows on hillsides
  • ziggurats

Demo – 4 minute video

Ramp Brush  is very easy to use. Just drag the Ramp Brush component to a game object. Then click on a starting point and an ending point and presto — you have a ramp! Brush options include brush size, opacity, softness. The brush also supports undo.

The mountain below was created using the Ramp Brush tool. The highest peak was sculpted completely with RampBrush. The TerrainToolkit was used to add some erosion effects and texture.

Created with Ramp Brush tool

Ramp Brush was created by Ian Deane. Other assets by Ian Deane include:

Ramp Brush is available in the asset store.

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